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The town of the Kivelinge

Lingen (Ems) is the town of the Kivelinge. Every three years at Pentecost, the entire town center is transformed into a medieval spectacle. The celebration recalls the Kivelinge, the unmarried sons of the town, who went to battle to defend their homes in the 14th century. To this day, the Kivelinge are a strong fellowship that honors itself and the town of Lingen (Ems) during the Kivelingsfest. Festivities include beer, jugglers, and hearty meals.

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Marksmen’s fair (Schützenfest)

Tradition is important in this region. Marksmen’s fairs are especially festive occasions. Each village, almost each district, has its own gun club. The focus is not primarily on marksmanship, but on interaction, camaraderie, and community. The marching music and festive atmosphere promotes solidarity – no matter where you come from. A marksmen’s fair is a good introduction to the new community – and the easiest way to start successful integration.