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Job Variety

 Content Editor ‭[1]‬

 Content Editor ‭[9]‬

Research and Development

ROSEN means to me ... 
Tinkering, measuring, trying things out.

„My job is to try things out, to test and then to test and try them out again – until I find a solution.“

Pascal (Employee in the field of Science Disciplines)

 Content Editor ‭[2]‬

 Content Editor ‭[10]‬


ROSEN means to me ... 
Screwing things together, checking them, mounting.

Our inspection equipment needs to go back to the workshop after it has been used in the field a few times. I make sure it’s ready to go again.

Sebastian (Mechanic in the field of Maintenance )

 Content Editor ‭[3]‬

 Content Editor ‭[11]‬


ROSEN means to me ... 
Organizing, administering, processing. 

„I plan and coordinate the training. Work that includes, for example, the monthly onboarding program for new colleagues.“

Kerstin (Employee in the field of Quality, Best Practice and Training)

 Content Editor ‭[4]‬

 Content Editor ‭[12]‬

Data Evaluation

ROSEN means to me ... 
Evaluating, interpreting, reporting.

„My days are occupied by the analysis and assessment of complex data images. I then write reports about any anomalies in the plant.

Katharina (Employee in the field of Evaluation)

 Content Editor ‭[5]‬

 Content Editor ‭[13]‬

Software Engineering

ROSEN means to me ... 
Code, test, repeat.

„I work on customer-specific software solutions. In our applications we use the most modern techniques from the field of machine learning.“

Peer (Employee in the field of Software Design)

 Content Editor ‭[6]‬

 Content Editor ‭[14]‬


ROSEN means to me ... 
Manufacturing, tailoring, checking.

„My job is to manufacture sensors and electronic components for our complex inspection equipment. It’s a task that requires maximum precision.“

Anita (Employee in the field of Sensor and Electronics Manufacturing)

 Content Editor ‭[7]‬

 Content Editor ‭[15]‬

Grade School

ROSEN means to me ... 
Nurturing, encouraging, teaching.  

„I come from England and only speak English with the children. It’s great to see them develop their language skills every day.“

Pollyanna (Teacher at our bilingual grade school ROBIGS)

 Content Editor ‭[8]‬

 Content Editor ‭[16]‬