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Before 1981: Explorer

True startup stories start in a garage. That’s the way it was for the ROSEN Group, too. Actually, we started on the floor above the garage. Hermann Rosen and a small group of explorers began to test their abilities in the area of electrical engineering in the 1970s. Pipelines were still in the distant future. The small engineering office (H. Rosen Engineering) made trials in a wide variety of areas and gathered valuable experience.

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1981-1990: Adventurer

1981 marks the birth of the ROSEN Group as we know it today. The small company moved to the building in which founder Hermann Rosen was also living with his family. The adventurers recognized the growing market demand and the technical challenges of services for the oil and gas industry. ROSEN became a pipeline inspection company. In 1988, the company moved to its current premises in Lingen (Am Seitenkanal, Industriegebiet Süd).

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1990-2000: Challenger

The 1990s were a fast-paced decade for us. We challenged the established companies in the pipeline inspection business and repeatedly drove ourselves to increase performance. The results were visible in the global expansion of our SME. We founded our first branches in the U.S., Australia, Malaysia and Mexico. By the turn of the millennium, the number of people working for us had more than quadrupled.

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2000-2010: Competitor

At the beginning of the new millennium, our SME had become a technology group that was active all over the world. We established new branches and were represented throughout the world. We worked hard to develop new methods and improve old ones. We also developed integrity management software and innovative materials. We became a technology leader. At the same time, our market share increased.

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2010-2020: Leader

In 2010, we made our breakthrough. Having secure technology leadership, we became the market leader as well. We inspected more than two thirds of the pipelines in the oil and gas industries inspected worldwide. But our business had long expanded beyond just pipelines. More than 25 branches all over the world keep us active in 120 countries, and we are constantly conquering new markets. We combine our expertise with new ideas that go far beyond our core business, ensuring safety in trains and wind farms.

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​From 2020: Accelerator

The beginning of the next chapter: We accelerate towards a large range of new solutions, for a wide variety of industries, to enable intelligent decisions for a sustainable future. Agility and collaboration are taken to a new level through transformative technologies and by living the corporation mindset.