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​Initiative for youth

There is talent in each of us. But sometimes this talent must be discovered. Since 2016, ROYOUTH, our youth initiative, has been an educational option for supporting children and teenagers as they discover their individual abilities. Our motto, “discover your talents”, encourages young people to discover and develop their personal strengths. In doing this, we focus on fun and creativity.

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Promoting talent

ROYOUTH is not concerned solely with giftedness in technology and the natural sciences. We also enable young people to try out their skills in the area of business, social engagement, sports, and culture. We offer various experiment days for school classes and provide afternoon activities such as the FIRST® LEGO® League and our Movie AG. We also support such competitions and initiatives as “Schüler experimentieren”, “Jugend forscht”, the Management Information Game, and the Lingen (Ems) vacation activity pass campaign.

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Going your own way

Our initiative addresses students starting in the fifth grade, whether the parents work for ROSEN or not. In our spacious ROYOUTH Center, more than 40 young talents can tinker, engage in handicrafts, and have discussions. For us, discovering talent has nothing to do with scripted instructions, but with finding independent, creative, innovative solutions.

More information is available on the ROYOUTH website: