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Bilingual grade school

Parents who work internationally face the problem of integrating their children into communities that speak a different language. To support our international specialists in the endeavor, we opened ROBIGS, our bilingual grade school, in 2015. Its motto is “we explore. more”.  We want to accompany the children on a journey of discovery in which they can explore the world and learn more. We allow our great explorers early access to technology and the natural sciences.

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Special concept

In accordance with our ROBIGS concept, children are organized into mixed-grade class families and supported by at least one English-speaking and one German-speaking teacher according to the “one person, one language” principle. In the German, English, and math subjects, these teachers help each child learn at his own pace. Instruction in music, art, handicrafts, textiles, social studies, and religion is given as part of interdisciplinary, holistic project lessons.

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Self-discovery learning

ROBIGS is a private all-days school that gives children room and time for individual self-discovery learning. We also teach children how to work responsibly with media. To this end, we provide each child with his own tablet. Classes are held each day from 8 am to 3:30 pm. There is also care time from 7 am to 8 am and after classes until 5:15 pm as well as during school vacation days.

More information is available on the ROBIGS website: