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working environment

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Individual and line manufacturing

We manufacture more than 90% of all components for our inspection equipment ourselves. In our mechanical manufacturing facilities in Lingen (Ems), we mill such substances as metal and plastic. We use, among others, 13 lathes and 16 milling machines for individual manufacturing as well as four fully automated milling systems with a total of 20 milling centers. These can be used round the clock and allow flexible order management.

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Industry 4.0 in practice

In sensor and electronics manufacturing, we also use cutting-edge processes and machines. One example is the fully automated manufacturing line that assembles circuit boards with up to 16,000 electronic components per hour and then checks their quality. This is where we implement the intelligent networking idea of Industry 4.0, linking people, machines, and logistics.

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​Professional IT systems

As a high-tech company, we know that manufacturing is not the only area in which to invest in modern, professional solutions. Our IT systems also meet the highest standard to ensure the security of our data and network all of our staff in more than 120 countries.

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