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Working Student
2/21/2023 |News

Employment as a Working Student at ROSEN

Application as Working Student for Company Communications

Application as Working Student for DevOps Activities

Speculative Application for a thesis, an internship or a student job


What do I actually want to do for the rest of my life? What kind of work do I enjoy? And what am I really good at? Many young people ask themselves these questions (and a few more) during their studies. Finding the right answers to them can be quite difficult – especially if you've only heard the theory so far.


The easiest way to change that is to gain real insights into practice. In the best case, many different ones, so that you can get to know as broad a facet as possible of the professional field for which you have chosen to study. Two ways to achieve this are to work as an intern or a working student. Such activities provide students with exactly that: a perspective on their own future. And the chance to find the right answers.


As a Working Student in a High-Tech Company


Let's start at the beginning: If you want to work in a high-tech company in the Emsland that also operates internationally, you've come to the right place. For many years, for example, we have been cooperating with the University of Applied Sciences and University in Osnabrück. So it's no surprise that many of the students there complete their internships at ROSEN or work as working students. We have more than enough fields of work: be it in the area of Communications, Software Development, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and much more. There is something for everyone.


Never Alone


But what distinguishes a job at ROSEN? Everyone gets a direct insight into the respective field of work and also into various other specialist areas in order to get a good overview of what makes us special. Particularly important: ROSEN offers everyone the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and thus become part of the team. For example, interns and working students can provide support and impulses for specific projects and real issues. Personal support is just as important to us: this begins with comprehensive onboarding and continues beyond the end of the job. For example, a long-term relationship between students and us is supported by various events and formats. These include a Student Exchange Program, recurring Pizza Events and Project Speed Dating, to name just a few. Quite apart from personal contact, of course. You can read about concrete insights into everyday life as a working student or intern here. Last year, Clara worked as an intern at ROSEN in the HR department and answered questions in this interview.


Thesis With Individual Touch


And what comes at the end of every study? That's right, the final thesis – whether it's the one for the Bachelor or Master. Here we offer many interesting topics as well. From A for Artificial Intelligence to H for Human Resources to Z for Zero Incidents: ROSEN is broadly positioned and finds exactly the right topic for everyone.


You want to know more and exchange ideas with someone who was in "your shoes" just a few months ago? Then just get in touch with Clara, who is now available as a contact person ( Or just apply directly, for example here or here. Not found what you are looking for? Then you can also send us an unsolicited application here, specifying your area of interest.

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Employment as a Working Student at ROSEN