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Interview with intern Clara
6/17/2022 |News

An Internship for Heroes

Studying Communication and Management M.A. and meanwhile completing an internship in the field of Human Resources? Why not! We met Clara Wehmeier, who is currently doing just that at the family-owned and international technology company ROSEN in Lingen (Ems). In an interview, she gives you insights into her exciting time.


Hello Clara, would you like to introduce yourself?

I'd love to! I'm Clara, 24 years old. I studied business psychology for my bachelor's degree in Bielefeld and then decided to do a master's degree in Communication and Management at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences' Lingen campus. I was particularly interested in the organizational psychology content that is applied there. Since February, I have been doing a five-month internship at ROSEN in the Talent Management department of Human Resources (HR).


How did you get involved with ROSEN as your internship employer?

If you live and study in Lingen (Ems), that's not difficult (laughs). ROSEN is present both at the university and in the region as an employer and science company. Lecturers in our master's program are also part of the ROSEN corporate family, so the contact was not difficult. Personally, the crucial factor for me was the recommendation of a neighbor who had completed an internship at ROSEN. It was clear to me: I'm applying on initiative for an internship in the area of Human Resources.


With success! Why did you specifically choose your studies and an internship in the field of Human Resources?

Our master's program in Communication and Management is very diverse. In addition to the field of communications management, it also offers many opportunities for further training in HR and organizational psychology. That was also a decisive factor for me with regard to my bachelor's degree. The topics related to Human Resources and the needs of employees are simply exciting for me. That's why I did my internship at ROSEN. I am interested in how employees can work together in the best possible way and what options organizations have to shape this. I now have the opportunity to experience and relate theory and practice to each other.


A real added value! An internship is not part of the curriculum in the master's program. Would you still recommend it?

In my semester, a number of fellow students are taking advantage of the opportunity to experience real work and participation through an internship. Many also do their internships in the area of corporate communications. But after all, that's the advantage: here, too, you can set your own priorities. In my internship in the HR department at ROSEN, I experience new, exciting facets and processes every day. In all the projects that I have the pleasure to assist, I constantly sense the importance of good teamwork. As my supervisor put it to me and my colleagues with a wink: "You can't spell hero without HR!" I experience this spirit here every day.


A question relating these days: internship always on site or also in the home office?

At ROSEN, both options are applied. This way, you retain a certain degree of flexibility, but you can also benefit from the working atmosphere and the social environment with experienced colleagues, especially during the internship. Even in the home office, my contacts are always available and I feel very well supported.


What does a typical day in the HR department look like?

You often read, "Each day is different." And that really does apply. However, we have regular meetings in the team in which we get a joint overview of all projects. Of course, that's especially valuable in a home office. I was just allowed to work on an event for students - from conception to implementation. I was able to gain valuable experience accompanying job interviews or support the planning of workshops for our colleagues.


That sounds exciting! Did you imagine this variety beforehand?

Because I had chosen Talent Management, my expectations were already very specific, but they were exceeded: For example, I was able to deal with HR topics relating to trainees and students, our future talents, who require a special approach. Another example is the fact that I was able to be part of various application processes and gain international impressions through my HR colleagues around the globe. I've been part of a team since day 1!


Is there any advice you can give to students who want to gain practical experience?

Look for internships or student jobs in the areas that interest you. And if nothing is advertised there at the moment, regardless of whether it's in the company or area of your choice: Be brave and apply on your own initiative. Sometimes companies simply don't know yet that they need you! In addition, every application is also an exercise or experience that helps you shape your career.


Your best experience and biggest challenge during your internship at ROSEN?

The planning and implementation of our Future Day comes immediately to mind as a great example. It was great to see how our approach and ideas were accepted by the children and young people. An instructive and important challenge in practice is certainly prioritizing projects. This is something valuable that I can definitely adopt for my professional future as well. I see the greatest added value at ROSEN in the corporate culture. There are flat hierarchies and actually always a friendly "Moin".


Thank you Clara, for your insights!


Are you also interested in an internship or a student job in HR or somewhere else? ROSEN is always looking for committed students in various areas. Alternatively, you can apply on your own initiative at any time:

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