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Interview Development Testing
10/13/2022 |News

"ROSEN means to me Teamwork, Tension and Testing"

Putting pigs through their paces – this is Christoph's daily routine. As System Integration Engineer, he is a member of the Test Skills department and thus responsible for testing during development. What exactly that means, why his job will be exciting for him for many years to come and what makes ROSEN so special for him, you can read here:

Christoph, how did you end up to ROSEN?

Born in Emsland, ROSEN has always been a familiar name to me. What I did not know, however, was that we also have different locations outside of Lingen. Interestingly, my career in our company did not start in Lingen at all, but in Oldenzaal. Surprised, I found out at my job interview in 2008 that the ROSEN there was the same company as the Lingen ROSEN I knew. I then worked in Oldenzaal for almost ten years as an Electronics Technician – this included the classic activities such as preparation, before and after running assignments or supporting colleagues directly on site, anywhere in the world. But in 2017, I wanted to develop even further, both personally and professionally, and applied for a position at ROSEN in Lingen in the TESK department.

TESK. That stands for Test Skills, right?

Exactly. In our department, everything revolves around the testing of electronics, mechanics and software during development. We support our development colleagues with questions to ensure the proper functioning of all new developments. In addition to standard tests, we often perform functional tests on new ideas in order to promote a rapid build-up of know-how during development. For this purpose, we are in close contact with all members of the development teams and require a variety of different equipment. For example, the software tests run every night on a significant part of the IT servers, so that the effects of changes are already known in the morning. In addition, we share a lab in the Innovation Center (IC) with the Electronic Design team. For space reasons, some of our large test facilities, such as the linear test facility, large climatic chambers and pressure chambers are also located in the new Test Center building.

What do you test as a System Integration Engineer?

As a System Integration Engineer, I mainly deal with our electronics and I am part of the development team, so I am involved from the beginning of the development. I support the team in the development of test plans. We also test the hardware integration of the electronics and also the configuration software for our products. Thanks to the electronics lab in the IC, we are able to recreate complete electronic systems for our products. This and the immediate proximity to the electronics development department enables us to identify and minimize development risks at an early stage by talking through, planning and carrying out functional and integration tests. In addition, we push components to their load limits to ensure fault-free operation in the field. Another part of my responsibilities deals with 3rd level support for our international locations. This includes user support, such as troubleshooting. Based on the results of the investigation, we try to find solutions that enable our colleagues in the operating business to execute a job on time.

How would you describe your daily work?

As exciting and always new. Of course, we have certain routines when we test or write standardized test reports, for example, but test runs are actually rarely the same. There are always new requirements and challenges. We then test these in detail. The scope of such tests also varies greatly. We test some electronics and software features within a few days, while for others the tests can take several weeks, depending on the scope of functions.  

What makes your job so exciting for you?

The constant variety. As I explained, no two tests are the same, because our products do not stay the same, but are always being developed further. That is what makes my job so interesting. It is also exciting when our tools are used differently than originally intended. There are always unpredictable and interesting surprises. 

What personal qualities help you in your job?

That I am not afraid to ask questions. (laughs) I have to understand how something works or should work in order to be able to test it. For this reason it can happen that I ask a colleague three times. 

After ten years as an Electronics Technician, you said you wanted to develop further. What do you think it will be like in six years, your 10-year TESK anniversary?

At the rate we are going, there is no danger that I will be bored. On the contrary. The speed at which things are developed is enormous. That is why my goal is to gain more and more experience, so that I can continue to be a concrete contact person who can stand by and solve challenges.

What do you like to do in your free time as a balance to work?

I like to spend my free time with my little son. He challenges me enough. If there is time, I like to be out in our garden. Sometimes I put some plans into action. At home, as you know, you are never finished.

Finally, can you tell us what makes ROSEN so special for you?

That we do not just say that we are a family company, but that we really are. No matter who I talk to, everyone is willing to help and support, and they do so across departments. We may be individual departments, but we are one big team working together.

Thank you for the interesting insights, Christoph! 

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