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competition "good and healthy daycare for all"
4/22/2022 |News

Participate Actively, Perceive Consciously

In a nutshell:

  • ROKIDS receives award in the competition 'Gute und gesunde Kita für alle!' (Good and healthy daycare for all!)
  • Placement in the top 10 of daycare centers in Bremen and Lower Saxony
  • Promotion of health and prevention measures
  • Our company daycare focuses in particular on the active participation of the children


ROKIDS, our bilingual child daycare center, has been awarded in the competition 'Gute und gesunde Kita für alle! Kita-Qualität durch Gesundheitsförderung stärken' (Good and healthy daycare for all! Strengthen daycare quality through health promotion) as one of the best ten daycare centers in Lower Saxony and Bremen. In a digital award ceremony, sponsor and Minister of Education Grant Hendrik Tonne honored the winners of the competition and praised the institutions in a video speech for their special commitment in the areas of health promotion and prevention in everyday childcare.

Health Education as a Basic Element

"As a family-supporting institution, we see health education as an important basic element of our daily pedagogical routine. In addition to physical health, we place great emphasis on mental health and preventive thinking. In accordance with the UN Children's Rights, we give the children a say in everyday life through various processes and also active participation in decision-making procedures. The participation of all is especially important to us" explains Lisa Krause, ROKIDS management team, adding: "We are therefore very happy about the recognition for our approach!"

Strengtheners, Motion and Sustainability

In practice, ROKIDS relies on various health promotion measures in daily activities, such as the so-called 'Starkmacher' breakfast. Every month, the children bring different healthy foods, such as fruit and vegetables, for a joint breakfast. While preparing the breakfast, the children learn about nutrition and seasonal foods and deepen the topic through appropriate songs, games and conversations. Furthermore, the education specialists at ROKIDS take up relevant perspectives on sustainability, nutrition, sports and health within the framework of theme days and weeks. Through guided and free movement activities, the team also promotes the motor skills of the youngest children and their enthusiasm for physical fitness.

The Key to Success

Ann-Marie Gessner, also part of the ROKIDS management team, emphasizes: "For us, the key to success of these measures and ideas is to involve not only our professionals and the parents, but especially the children themselves. If they can participate actively, they are motivated enormously and deal with the topics more consciously. We live this participative approach, for example, through regular evaluations or our wish box and the children's parliament, in which wishes, suggestions and ideas are collected. Among other things, this concept was decisive for the award."


About the Competition

The competition 'Gute und gesunde Kita für alle!' (Good and healthy daycare for all!) was held for the second time this year and focuses on the topics of health and prevention for children and educational professionals. The competition was looking for daycare centers in Lower Saxony and Bremen in which these topics are particularly important and which actively work on related topics or pursue special approaches to health promotion. The competition is organized by the Kompetenzzentrum für Gesundheitsförderung in Kitas (Competence Center for Health Promotion in Daycare Centers) with this year's sponsorship of Grant Hendrik Tonne, Lower Saxony's Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs.

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