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Tree planting event
4/4/2022 |News

ROSEN employees plant 3,000 trees

In a nutshell:

  •  ROSEN employees and their families plant 3,000 trees 
  • Long-term cooperation with the Emsland Nature Conservation Foundation
  • A new piece of forest that contributes to climate and wildlife protection


In cooperation with the Nature Conservation Foundation of the Emsland district, we planted 3,000 new trees. Thus, a new piece of forest will emerge in the Haselünne landscape conservation area, contributing to climate protection and providing a habitat for local wildlife species. Around 80 volunteers from our company took up shovels and spades last Saturday and planted local trees such as oaks, alders, ash trees, willows and maples.

Acting Together

Patrik Rosen, representative of the owner family, highlighted the motivation during the event day: "We are a family business with a passion for technology. With our inspection services, we contribute to the protection of people and the environment worldwide. In addition, we also want to continue to be active in the region and have a sustainable positive impact on local ecosystems; whether through environmental education or even directly effective measures such as a tree-planting event. The long-term cooperation with the Nature Conservation Foundation is therefore of great importance to us. Today's event is the next step, to be followed by many more."

Long-term Cooperation

We donated €10,000 to the Emsland Nature Conservation Foundation for the tree planting campaign. In the two previous years, we had already supported various measures with donations in the same amount. For example, a series of environmental education activities for school children were made possible and we supported the new edition of a children's book about the local flora and fauna. In addition to the financial contribution, the commitment of our employees and their families was particularly decisive for the tree planting event.

Commitment to Climate and Environmental Protection

Our location manager in Lingen, Dirk van Vinckenroye, praised the high number of participants: "I am delighted that many colleagues are attending today with their families, children and partners. This shows great commitment and emphasizes our company culture, which we also live in our daily work. According to our guiding principle 'Top technologies for the protection of people and the environment', it is of great concern to ROSEN to promote measures that contribute to climate and environmental protection and to bring a piece of nature to life, as we are doing today. The large number of participants shows that these issues are also close to the hearts of our employees."

A Home for the Beaver

The newly planted forest will not only have a positive effect on the climate, but will also help to maintain the groundwater level and enrich the landscape. In addition, the trees provide food, hiding places and nesting opportunities for birds, insects and mammals. For example, a beaver, which needs deciduous trees for food, already lives in this area of the Hase and the adjacent nature reserves. Beavers are an endangered species and were considered almost extinct in the 19th century. Through various protection measures, the rodents can now be found again in the Emsland.

Being Close to Nature

"The campaign was lots of fun for everyone involved and the Nature Conservation Foundation would like to thank everyone for the great, joint environmental protection initiative," said Maike Hoberg, project manager at the Nature Conservation Foundation, after all the trees had found a new place and the youngest participants had received medals and certificates for their efforts. Marcel Wübben (employee of the ROSEN Group) participated with his family and expresses his thanks: "The event was a great experience for the children. They will certainly talk about it for a long time to come. They had a lot of fun, learned many new things and got a bit closer to nature."

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ROSEN employees plant 3,000 trees together with their families.