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Trainee Trip 2023
11/13/2023 |News

Three Days Together in Papenburg

​39 new trainees started their training at ROSEN on August 1, 2023. During the onboarding week, they were able to gather their first impressions of their new employer and get to know each other. This was followed at the end of October by the three-day trainee tour to Papenburg. The aim of the trip was to strengthen the trainees' sense of community, communication and teamwork and to get to know different learning methods.​

Introductory and teamwork games

Even on the outward journey in the "ROSEN bus", we realized that we will have much fun on this trip. Once we arrived in Papenburg, we started straight away with the first introductory game. Afterwards, we filled our empty stomachs in the youth hostel canteen before moving into our rooms. 

During the afternoon, we played the next teamwork game in mixed teams. In these groups, we had to build a domino track that had to fulfill various tasks, such as bursting a balloon. The winning team received drinking bottles for each team member as a prize. After dinner, we reviewed the day together with board games and Mario Kart.


E-kart racing in specially built and designed soapboxes

The second day was followed by a workshop on the topic of "Communication". The first challenge was to pass on a story. One of us was told a tricky story and he or she had to pass on the content to the next person. This was repeated a few times. The aim was that the person at the end of the chain should be able to repeat the original story as accurately as possible. Of course, this only works through good communication with each other. Despite some challenges, we managed to pass on the most important information from the story. 

Before lunch, we met our trainers and apprentice pilots, who had also come to Papenburg for the day. After a delicious meal in a great atmosphere and a short break, the program continued. 

Coaches from the "Teamgeist" company were waiting for us, who had prepared an e-kart race. In individual groups, we first assembled the electronic soapboxes from kits, designed them and agreed on a team name. Then the time had finally come and our teams competed against each other in the disciplines of "speed" and "aesthetics". This afternoon was definitely another highlight of the trip and we all had a lot of fun! The day was rounded off with a barbecue and board games.


Lots of fun and new insights

​On the third and final day, we dealt interactively with topics such as learning, biorhythms and Generation Z. After a final lunch, the program ended and with it the trip to Papenburg.

In summary, we can say: "The trip not only brought us closer together, but we also had a lot of fun. We were able to take away a lot of new knowledge for our future at ROSEN."


written by Anna, Jasper and Lennart​

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