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Trainee Introduction Days 2022
9/14/2022 |News

Trainee Introduction Days 2022

In August, 34 new apprentices and dual students started their careers with us at the Lingen (Ems) site. In their first weeks, they experienced a lot and, among other things, spent a few days together in Oldenburg. Julius (future IT specialist for system integration), Frederic and Marlon (both future electronics technicians for devices and systems) report on their impressions and why they suddenly spent an afternoon in the Scottish Highlands.  


On August 1, we started our apprenticeship at ROSEN with the Onboarding week. Here we were able to gain our first impressions of our employer and get to know our 34 new trainee colleagues. The Onboarding week was followed by our three day trainee tour to Oldenburg at the end of August. Here we were supposed to improve communication and teamwork, for example, and get to know different learning methods.

Trainee Trip to Oldenburg

Already on the bus ride it was clear that fun should not be neglected on the trip. For the following days, we were assigned entertaining roles to act out. This included, for example, speaking in the third person or cracking "funny" flat jokes. When we arrived in Oldenburg, we filled our empty stomachs in the restaurant 'Schirrmanns', which was located in the lobby of our youth hostel. Afterwards we moved into our rooms and met shortly after in the seminar room. There we already started with the first game, which should strengthen our team spirit and was one of the highlights. In mixed teams we got the task to build a device with which we should protect a raw egg from hitting the ground. After dinner, we reviewed the day with a game evening.

The next day included a meeting on the topic of communication. The first challenge was to solve a picture story. Each of us was assigned a part of the story that was represented in a picture. The clue was that we were only allowed to explain the part to our teammates by speaking and not showing it. Of course, this only worked through good communication with each other.

A Detour to the Scottish Highlands

For lunch we met our trainers who also came to Oldenburg for this day. After a delicious meal in a great atmosphere and a short digestive break, we continued the program and walked together to the castle park. There we met coaches from the company 'Teamgeist', who had prepared games to strengthen our team spirit. Divided into smaller groups, we first chose team names, flags and kilt colors. Then we competed in the Highland Games as a team in various disciplines. These included wheelbarrow races and tug-of-war, for example. This afternoon was definitely another highlight of the trip and was a lot of fun for everyone. Before we headed back, we reflected on the games while enjoying refreshing drinks and snacks. We finally ended the day in downtown Oldenburg.

On the third and last day, we dealt interactively with topics such as learning and the biorhythm – with well-chosen examples such as the card game 'Barnga'. At noon, our program ended and with it our excursion to Oldenburg. After a final lunch, we went back to Lingen together by bus.

In summary, we can say that the trainee trip not only brought us closer together, but we also had a lot of fun and took home a lot of new knowledge for our future at ROSEN.

written by Julius, Frederic und Marlon

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