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Reaching target groups online
2/16/2022 |News

"ROSEN Means to Me Communicating, Interacting, Analyzing"

Social media, newsletters, website – the digital world is Anna-Julia's everyday work. The 28-year-old works with all online channels on which the ROSEN Group makes contact with current and potential customers. Her everyday challenge: to reach the respective target group at the right time and place on a digital device.

How do you ensure that ROSEN reaches the target group online?

That is a mix of numerous measures, of course. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, it is my job to publish content on the communication channels of the ROSEN Group and to evaluate and drive them. The channels include, for example, the website, social media such as LinkedIn or e-mail marketing. In the area of social media, the publication of advertisements plays a major role. In close cooperation with the individual project managers, I define the target group and publish the posts in a target group-oriented manner. Search engine marketing and the management of digital events are also part of my job. It is important to monitor all activities on an ongoing basis to check what works well or not.

You receive feedback in real time, so to speak.

You could say that. That also makes it very exciting. An important part of my job is to create reports and analyses of campaigns and use these metrics to check whether we have achieved our goals. These experiences provide us with good insights into what resonates well with each target audience, so we can make our ads as performant as possible. 

The real-time responses are also helpful for testing new advertising opportunities. The online world is very fast-paced, with changes happening all the time. It is very important to stay on the ball and take advantage of the opportunities and trends that are currently on offer. Short-term feedback is of course very helpful in determining whether the ad is appealing to the target group or not.

Besides analytical skills and a deep understanding of the online world, what other qualities are important in your job?

You should be able to work in a structured and independent manner and be communicative. For example, we are always in close contact with the project managers, the marketing colleagues at the global locations and external agencies. Technical knowledge is also an advantage, since we create campaign pages ourselves, so-called micro-sites, and work together closely with the IT department. I myself had little experience in this area, but have developed a lot through training and support from colleagues.

In what other areas have you developed further during your time at ROSEN?

From a personal point of view, I have learned here to work even more independently and on my own responsibility. Ultimately, I am responsible for ensuring that the ads are placed as efficiently as possible, for example. Professionally, I am always learning from my environment. I work in a very competent team from which I can learn a lot. We get along very well, coordinate closely and benefit from the exchange. That is very important to me. I could not work in a job where I was left to my own devices or where I did not have the right chemistry with my colleagues. 

I also attended a training course to further deepen my knowledge of HTML code, as well as trade fairs where I was able to gather a lot of new impulses and inspiration. Two years ago, I started my part-time master's degree in "Digital Management".

Why did you decide on this degree program?

I had previously completed a general bachelor's degree in "International Business" to achieve a knowledge basis regarding business in an international context. Marketing was already my specialization there. Now I have found my professional future in online marketing and wanted to continue my education in this area in the long term by completing a specialized master's degree. The course of study and the modules go very well with my job. The fact that ROSEN supports me in terms of time and costs, and thus has my back, has once again encouraged me to complete the Master's degree. In the summer, the master's thesis will follow in cooperation with ROSEN, which will certainly also be an exciting challenge!

How did your path lead to the marketing department of ROSEN?

I already had first insights to marketing during my apprenticeship at a bank and during my bachelor's degree. A student job and an internship confirmed that I wanted to work in marketing. I come from Meppen and ROSEN had been a familiar name to me for a long time as an employer here in the region. However, it was always clear to me that I would not come back to Emsland, but wanted to live in a big city – unless I could get a suitable job at ROSEN. At some point, ROSEN actually advertised a job in the marketing department, and here I am today.

Do you miss the big city?

No, I moved to Lingen with my boyfriend and we feel very comfortable here – both in the city and at work. I enjoy coming to the office every day or logging in into the home office. For me, the basis is simply right: the team, the workplace, the environment. I like the structure in which we work and this motivates me.

Thank you for the interview and good luck with your master's thesis, Anna-Julia!

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Anna-Julia reports on her day-to-day work in marketing at the ROSEN Group.