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ROSEN Summer Night
6/26/2024 |News

Flamingos Spotted on the Test Field


In a nutshell: 

• ROSEN Summer Night on June 21 at the Lingen (Ems) site

• Joint celebration with colleagues from Rosenxt

• Culinary variety in food court with falafel, pulled pork burger, pizza and more 

• Liveband Goodfellas and DJ set the mood in the evening with their music

When the beach vibes sound on our test field in Lingen (Ems), flamingos make a stopover and colorful cocktails are served, then all signs indicate: ROSEN Summer Night!

We celebrated the event on Friday, June 21, 2024, together with our colleagues from Rosenxt. The test field, where our inspection tools are usually tested, was transformed into a summer party location. Even though the sun unfortunately didn't show, this in no way affected the atmosphere of the evening. Because it was fantastic!

Off to the party location

The event area, consisting of a marquee, food court and a beach area including a cocktail bar, gradually filled up from 7 pm onwards. Some of the colleagues arrived by shuttle bus from the surrounding area. A total of 1,600 colleagues and their companions were on site to celebrate and enjoy the evening together. Even though the temperatures did not necessarily invite summery outfits, numerous flower necklaces added a few colorful accents. Nevertheless, some people turned up in summer dresses and Hawaiian shirts.

Opening of the ROSEN Summer Night 2024

At around 7:30 pm, Markus Brors (Chief Technology Office), Rutger van Kampen (Vice President - Business Execution) and Dirk van Vinckenroye (Managing Director, Rosenxt Group) opened the celebrations with an official welcome speech.

From the start, guests had the opportunity to feast their way through the food offered by various food trucks. From falafel to pulled pork burgers and pizza, there was something to suit everyone. Various types of ice cream completed the culinary offering.

Dance with flamingos and the GOODFELLAS

From 10:30 pm, the band GOODFELLAS once again created a great atmosphere with their live music. With their diverse selection of songs, they catered to many musical tastes and filled the dance floor throughout the evening. Right at the beginning of the performance, they asked for our "pink colleague". He didn't have to be asked twice to dance. Our big flamingo flew across the dance floor and was carried by the crowd. Before the band finished their performance around half past one, they organized a polonaise through the marquee with the dancers. Afterwards, DJ Michael Disco took over the stage and the dancing continued on.

Memories to take away

Another highlight for many guests was the photo bus. They took a souvenir photo of this wonderful evening home with them. The digital photo bus pictures will be made available to you later.

Party until dawn

All in all, the Summer Night brought many happy faces. The carefully designed event area was enjoyed by some until the last minute. As a result, the last colleagues left the site at 4 o'clock in the morning.

Photos: Schöning Foto Design

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ROSEN Summer Night