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ROSEN Pizza Event
6/30/2022 |News

Did Someone Say Pizza?

When the smell of pizza wafts across the site of our Osnabrück location, it's once again: Welcome to the Pizza Event, dear students. Last week, they had the opportunity to get to know ROSEN a little better directly on site. And all this in a relaxed atmosphere with pizza, a cool drink and the opportunity to ask many questions. In perfect weather, around 30 students came together and looked for a shady spot in the courtyard.

Our colleague Annika (Human Resources) opened the evening with a warm welcome: "We really appreciate the contact with you students and are glad that you found your way to us today." During the evening, the students had the choice of four exciting presentations, the opportunity to ask all important questions and the chance to prove themselves with the pipe inspector.

Students could choose two from the following topics:


How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) protect people and the environment?

Benjamin showed how industrial AI and Machine Learning support sensor evaluation at ROSEN. He addressed the specifics of Machine Learning in the industrial high-risk environment and gave insights into our current developments and how our Data Scientists and AI specialists work.

Your code as a crime scene

Janina and Eyk answered the question about what metrics reveal about the state of our software.


IT from bits and bytes to coast and sea!

Marius and Maximilian dispelled the prejudice that ROSEN IT only sits in the basement and pushes bytes around. On the contrary: They showed the interesting places that work at ROSEN IT can take you to.

The full broadside embedded

Maik and Matthias answered the question of where you can go within an Electronics Development Department. Their answers covered everything from analog technology and programming to operating systems.

The audience listened to our speakers with great interest, sometimes even taking notes and simply enjoying learning a lot of new things. With pizza in hand, it was even better to do some networking and so we all finished the evening together. Our speakers were available to answer questions in lively conversations. As the end of the evening approached, the Polaroid camera was pulled out and a series of souvenir photos were taken. When asked what the pizza event was like for the students, a variety of different answers emerged – from delicious, to interesting, to fantastic, there was a lot. Computer science student Jannes can only confirm the impressions: "The event was super informative and we got a direct insight into how many different areas ROSEN is working in, standing for 'do it yourself'. Nothing is done half-way." 

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