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ROSEN Pizza Event 2024
7/1/2024 |News

Summer, Sun and ROSEN Pizza



In a nutshell:

  • ROSEN Pizza Event at the Osnabrück site

  • About 40 students and professionals took part

  • Lectures, networking and exchange on topics such as AI, Software Development and Embedded Systems


At the end of June, the smell of pizza once again attracted numerous visitors to our company location in Osnabrück. This can only mean one thing: The sixth edition of our ROSEN Pizza Event has taken place. This time, everything revolved around Artificial Intelligence, Software Development and Embedded Systems. These topics attracted not only students from the nearby campus of Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and University of Osnabrück, but also professionals who are interested in specialist topics in the field of Data & AI.


Presentations on Artificial Intelligence, Software Development and Embedded Systems


In a summery atmosphere, the event started in the late afternoon. Our colleagues Clara Wehmeier (Human Resources) and Benjamin Wolters (Head of AI, Data & Architecture) welcomed the 40 participants with a warm welcome. At 5:30 pm, the event kicked off with exciting presentations, where participants were able to choose from the following fascinating topics:

  • Scrum for large teams: From Scrum of Scrums to the Spotify model
    Scrum as a model for agile working with self-organized teams provides for an optimal team size of no more than ten people. But what happens when more than 20 or even more than 1000 people form a team? How does Scrum scale to lead to success even with large teams and where are the limits? Our colleague Janina (Software Developer) answered exactly these questions in her presentation.

  • Inline Intelligence – Embedded Electronics in the Pipeline Inspection
    Electronics development for tools brings some special challenges in terms of sensor technology, data volume, energy management and robustness against harsh environmental conditions with it. In his presentation, Tobias (eSoftware Developer) gave an insight into the structure of electronics and embedded software development for these specialized requirements.

  • ​15 Years of Software Test Automation: From Bad Decisions to Best Practices

    Eyk (Software Engineering Consultant) gave an overview of the development of our automated tests in his presentation. From the first "baby steps" to "faux pas" to where we are today. For the interested participants, there were not (only) glossy slides, but pragmatic insights and tips with technical details.

  • EMAT Infinity – AI in the evaluation of pipeline inspection data
    The presentation by Mara (Data Scientist) was all about the EMAT Infinity project, in which the products "Consistency Check" and "Prediction Filter" are being developed, among other things. Both involve the use of AI in the evaluation of visualized EMAT pipeline inspection data, once for quality assurance of the evaluation and once to increase efficiency, and were presented in more detail by Mara.


Expert exchange in the sun and with a slice of pizza


The audience listened to the speakers with great interest and exciting questions arose, which were discussed and talked about in a large group. "Many thanks for the wonderful event. The presentations were really informative and I took away many valuable insights for myself. I was particularly impressed by the exchange at eye level and the corporate culture that could be felt during the event," said one participant, summarizing her impressions of the evening. The lively discussions and conversations did not end even after the lectures. After all, there was also a lot to discover at our location in Osnabrück.


A racing car prior to the starting signal


As in previous editions of the event, the Ignition Racing Team electric was again on site with their racing car. They presented their latest model before their racing season starts and exchanged ideas with interested students and professionals throughout the evening. Those who wanted to take a break from the summer temperatures outside could try their hand at cracking the high score of our in-house programmed game "Pipe Inspector" indoors in comfortable seating areas. Of course, ROSEN colleagues were also available to answer questions about career opportunities and our company.

​"It was a nice evening with an exuberant atmosphere despite the high temperatures. The participants were not only enthusiastic about the range of our topics, but also about our speakers and the ROSEN culture. Everyone enjoyed the pizza and cool drinks and we are already looking forward to the next event with good conversations and lively exchanges," Clara sums up the event.​

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