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ROSEN Family Day in Dresden
9/29/2022 |News

You Only Need a Photo Box

In a nutshell:


  • A local Family Day was held at the ROSEN site in Radebeul near Dresden on September 22
  • About 50 visitors celebrated the 40th anniversary of the company
  • Attractions such as the ROSEN Quiz and an office tour delighted the guests
  • Since its foundation in January 2021, the site near Dresden has grown rapidly


After the ROSEN Family Day in Lingen (Ems) on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the company, a local Family Day of the ROSEN Germany GmbH took place in Radebeul near Dresden on last Thursday. In addition to colleagues, their families and friends were also invited to the anniversary event. As a result, a total of around 50 visitors took part in the celebration.

ROSEN knowledge put to the test

The event was opened with a ROSEN quiz where all visitors could test their ROSEN specific knowledge. Questions such as 'In how many countries is ROSEN active?' and 'What was the name of the first ROSEN office?' seemed easy to answer at first glance, especially for the employees, but caused some astonishment among their family members. For those who would like to refresh their ROSEN knowledge – the answers to these two questions are: 'in more than 120 countries' and 'H. Rosen Engineering'.


A photo box, donuts and lots of bubbles

In a marquee behind the ROSEN Office building in Radebeul, visitors were able to enjoy music and talk to each other during the event. A special highlight was a photo box in which numerous funny and creative pictures were taken. The candy bar also provided much joy with its large selection of sweets from young to old. There were even cookies and donuts in ROSEN design. For the little guests, a colleague had dressed up as a ROMouse and planned various activities. Among other things, they could paint diligently with pens and chalk and make soap bubbles.


A look behind the scenes

In addition, the families and friends were given an office tour to get to know the ROSEN site. In addition to the tour, the volunteers gave a special behind-the-scenes look at data analysis and showed their workplace. Juliane, sister of a colleague on site, summarized: "I really liked the evening. I especially enjoyed the family-like interaction between the employees."

The ROSEN site in Radebeul has grown strongly since its opening in January 2021. Back then, it consisted of only seven employees, but today there are already around 38 data analysts from more than 17 different nations at the site. Some of them participated as volunteers in the preparation and organization of the celebration.

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