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New manufacturing possibilities
4/13/2022 |News

„Where Others Stop Milling, We’re Just Getting Started!“

In a nutshell:

  • New KERN Micro HD milling machine at the Lingen (Ems) site can machine and grind various tungsten carbides and heavy metals
  • Completely new possibilities regarding accuracy and quality of components
  • Extension of the ROSEN technology toolbox

"Where others stop milling, we're just getting started from now on!" This is how Dieter Kuper (Head of Factory) sums it up when he talks about the new milling machine of the ROSEN Group at the Lingen (Ems) site. The company constantly invests in the best technology for its manufacturing and thus provides great incentives for its skilled professionals. The new milling machine – a KERN Micro HD – makes it possible that ROSEN can now machine special materials, such as tungsten carbides, with an accuracy of < 2 µm.

Highest Precision for Tungsten Carbides

To make it possible,

  • the tool of the Kern Micro HD rotates at up to 42,000 revolutions per minute (18,000 revolutions are normal),
  • the machine is equipped with a linear drive (maximum feed rate X/Y/Z 60 m/min)
  • and a virtually wear-free micro-slitting hydrostatic system
  • and is located in a hall with its own temperature control.

"In addition, we can now mill and grind components in a single operation," explains Jochen Budde (Cutting Machine Operator). For this purpose, the new milling machine is equipped with its own centrifuge to keep the cooling lubricant clean.

In order to continue to work precisely at the high revolutions per minute mentioned above, special tool clamping is also required. "Our diamond tools are shrunk into the tool chuck. A special machine heats the chuck so that it expands. Then the tool can be inserted, and when it cools, the tool chuck shrinks tightly onto the tool," Budde explains, adding the reason: "If we screwed the tool to the chuck – as is actually customary – this small screw alone would cause imbalance at the high speeds."

Expansion of the Technology Toolbox

For the ROSEN Group, the new milling machine is an extension of its technology toolbox. It can machine and grind copper, nickel-based, aluminum alloys and steel alloys in hardened condition, tungsten carbide, heavy metals, and plastics such as Vespel. "Previously, we had to have special prototypes manufactured externally. Now, we can do it internally within a few days," Dieter Kuper points out the advantage. This provides the company's designers with completely new possibilities for their work. Kuper is sure that these will be used, "As usual, ideas come with the upcoming opportunities."

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ROSEN Group creates completely new manufacturing possibilities with CNC milling maschine for tungsten carbide.