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MAXLAN-Lan Party
11/17/2022 |News

Until the controllers glow!

In a nutshell:

  • Maxlan-Lan-Party in Meppen was a great success
  • ROSEN sponsoring tasted good
  • About 150 participants

Good preparation is everything. That's what about 150 gamers at the Maxlan-Lan-Party thought and grabbed air mattresses, camp beds or even mobile homes to spend a weekend together at the controllers and keyboards. Among them were many familiar faces, but also some new ones who attended the gaming event, which was sponsored by us for the first time this year. "After unfortunately having to sit out the last few years due to Corona, we were all looking forward to this weekend in October. And it can be said: Maxlan 29 was a complete success," our colleague Rene (IT) sums up the weekend. He is one of the 30 heads of the organizing team, which was already busy setting up and transporting the equipment two days before. 

ROSES Corner as a Special Highlight

"With every year we become more professional, offer more support and provide more and more event character." This year, for example, there was also a livestream, which was also used for the award ceremony of the tournament winners. "The ROSEN Playstation corner with our ROTea, beanbags and chips was definitely another highlight," Rene is convinced. "We gave out every single ice tea can and nothing was left of the chips either." So, in keeping with the motto of the apprentice campaign, our appearance tasted really good –   in the truest sense. "The banner with the link to the apprentice website, was displayed more than 14,000 times on our Maxlan website," Rene continues. "The event is interesting for us as a company in many ways. On the one hand, we support colleagues like Rene who are committed to their hobby. On the other hand, there are definitely some junior employees who may not yet know ROSEN as an IT and software employer," Natalie (Talent Management Specialist) is also convinced of the event. "That's why we like to be involved in such campaigns in the region, where we also reach potential skilled workers, trainees or dual students directly. The click numbers and the iced tea drunk at the Maxlan show that we could be right with our idea."

But of course, iced tea and chips were not the only food available: Breakfast, kebabs, pizza, cocktails. There was something for everyone, so it was no surprise that there were orders upon orders. The success of the event is also reflected in the feedback, Rene explains: "Everyone is already looking forward to next year's Maxlan 30. We were able to convince even those who were there for the first time." The next Maxlan can come. 

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ROSEN sponsored the MAXLAN-Lan Party in Meppen!