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Interview Apprenticeship Cutting Machine Operator
4/11/2024 |News

ROSEN means to me ... Team, Fun and Future

​​​Since August 2023, Mariella is a trainee Cutting Machine Operator in our Factory. In this interview, she gives us an insight into her day-to-day training. She tells us what a chain charm had to do with her career choice, why she already had a strong connection to the company as a child and how she achieves 20,000 steps a day.


Mariella, you started your apprenticeship as a Cutting Machine Operator with us last summer. Can you tell us more about this profession?

I manufacture parts from various materials, such as different metals. I either manufacture the parts for machines and systems by hand or program and set up CNC machining centers. With various turning and milling techniques, the parts are then turned into dimensionally accurate components. I define the appropriate tools, check the quality of the parts and then optimize the programs if necessary.


What made you choose this career?

I've always tried out lots of crafts with my father, whether it was repairing bicycles or building our tree house, for example. At some point, he showed me a lathe that we had at home and then I discovered it for myself. I used the machine to turn two chain charms, for example, and once I turned a spring for a remote-controlled car. I had known for a long time that I definitely wanted to do something technical. I came across the profession of 'Cutting Machine Operator' through the lathe.


And how did you decide on ROSEN as your apprenticeship company?

Because my father also works here, I was already in kindergarten at ROKIDS and in grade school at ROBIGS. So I already knew ROSEN quite well and it was clear to me that I really wanted to do my apprenticeship here. Fortunately, that worked out.


So you have a long history with the company. Have you visited ROKIDS or ROBIGS again since you moved on to secondary school? 

Yes, indeed. In ninth grade, we had a three-week internship that I did at ROKIDS. A lot has changed here since my kindergarten days, but I still knew most of the educators. It was really exciting to be back in my old kindergarten. At the time of the internship, I wasn't quite sure whether I wanted to do something in the social sector after all. I had a lot of fun during the three weeks, but afterwards I was sure that I definitely wanted to do something technical.


What makes ROSEN so special for you and what do you associate with the company?

For me personally, it is of course the kindergarten and grade school, but also my father, which is why I have a strong connection to the company. In my apprenticeship now, I also really appreciate the variety of things we can do. The tasks are very diverse and I learn something new every day. In my opinion, the open company culture is also very special – it doesn't matter who you are. Everyone is warmly welcomed into the team.


What does your typical working day look like?

I spend two days a week at school and three days at the company. When I arrive here in the morning, we first remove the chips from all the areas. Then we start our work – sawing, filing, drilling, milling and turning. Of course, the first year of the apprenticeship is all about getting to know the different techniques and machines. We are currently working on a project in which we are building a locomotive. We really have to do everything and can decide for ourselves how and with which machines we want to process the workpieces. I learn a lot in the process. In general, there is always a lot to do and it never gets boring. I can also tell by my pedometer, which has to keep up with me. On some days I have around 20,000 steps after work.


What makes the job so exciting for you?

Definitely the many possibilities to decide, for example in the current project with the locomotive. Here, we can choose which machines we use to process what and also whether we do it alone or together. For example, if two of us have to produce the same part, we take turns at the lathe and support each other. I really appreciate working in a team.


What do you enjoy most in your day-to-day work?

My colleagues. (laughs) There's always a lot to laugh about with them and we have a lot of fun working together. That's worth a lot – after all, we spend most of our day together. The atmosphere in our team is good and everyone is always motivated and willing to help.


What does ROSEN offer you beyond the training content?

We have a trainee workshop with our own lathes and milling machines, both conventional and CNC-controlled. These machines are not used for day-to-day business, they are exclusively available to us for training purposes. There is a training room right next door. If we have any questions, we can discuss them with our trainers there. Even if there is an upcoming assignment at school, we often sit down together again beforehand and go through the content. This is really helpful if you don't quite understand something about a topic. Our trainers always take a lot of time for us. Another advantage at ROSEN is that we rotate through different departments, so we sometimes spend two weeks in the welding shop or in construction, for example. This gives us a good overview of the various procedures in the manufacturing process. In the third year of the apprenticeship, we then go into shift operation in Mechanical Manufacturing in our high-tech machine park, where we work with the latest technologies. Very few companies have such opportunities.


What goals do you have for your future?

First of all, of course, the apprenticeship certificate! After that, I'd probably like to do my technician or master's certificate. But in any case, I would like to stay with ROSEN.


What do you like to do in your free time?

Cycling, a lot of cycling, definitely! I don't usually have a specific destination, I just set off. Sometimes someone else gets in touch, then we ride together, get something to eat or drink and sit on a bench somewhere, enjoying and talking. I also go to the gym regularly to keep fit and in summer I do a lot of swimming. Apart from that, I meet up with my friends a lot.


Are there any experiences that you particularly remember here at ROSEN?

Definitely the trainee trip – that was a great time. We were together with all the apprentices from different areas of the first year and really had a lot of fun. For example, we had this project where we built electric go-karts in small groups. That was great because we were all mixed together with other trainees and trainers from very different areas. The trainee trip was definitely a highlight shortly after starting our apprenticeship.


Many thanks for the interesting insights and lots of fun and success with your apprenticeship, Mariella!


Are you interested in doing an apprenticeship with us and taking part in next year's trainee trip? Then find out more at send us your application and become part of the ROTea-m!


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