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HR Excellence Awards 2023
12/1/2023 |News

Award for Cultural Journey


This year's HR Excellence Awards were presented in Berlin on November 24. ROSEN reached the top 5 in the Employee Engagement category with its Cultural Journey (a company culture development program).


HR Excellence Award


The HR Excellence Award is the most prestigious award for outstanding HR management in the German-speaking world. Companies are recognized for their outstanding successes, ideas, projects and campaigns in the HR sector in a total of 30 categories.


In addition to effectiveness, efficiency and strategy, a high level of innovation and creativity play a major role in the assessment. It is important that the project stands out from the competition and breaks new ground.



Cultural Journey achieved the top 5 in the Employee Engagement category.


Our HR team specifically applied for the HR Excellence Award 2023 with the Cultural Journey. ROSEN's Cultural Journey is a successful initiative that takes an innovative approach to cultural development and sets itself apart from other companies. For us, cultural development is not simply shaped and managed top-down by a few experts, but bottom-up by employees themselves.


With the Cultural Journey, we ensure that our culture and values are not simply written down on paper. They become a tangible part of our everyday life and all employees are involved. Our Cultural Journey has also become a great development program: The pathfinders are developing enormously and building up many important skills, which is also reflected in career development for some of them. What's more, the entire initiative is carried out using our own resources and with relatively low expenditure.


This initiative also impressed the jury and we made it into the top 5 in the Employee Engagement category from over 400 applications!



We owe this success to our employees.


The placement is a great success for us. It shows that we at ROSEN also have an outstanding initiative and modern, effective HR management from the perspective of the experts. We can be proud of this. Many thanks to everyone involved in making the Cultural Journey such a success. ​

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