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Future Day 2022
4/29/2022 |News

A Deep Dive for Choclate and a High Score

In a nutshell:

  • Future Day at the Bremen and Lingen (Ems) sites
  • 60 young talents got insights into the ROSEN Group
  • Participants in Bremen deal with underwater robotics
  • Activities on various occupational fields in Lingen (Ems)

On April 28, 2022, pupils got to know the ROSEN Group as part of the Girls' and Boys' Day. After a two-year break, almost 60 young talents were once again able to gain an insight into various occupational fields at the Lingen (Ems) site. For the first time, two participants also had the opportunity to get to know our site in Bremen. 

Our Bremen colleagues came up with a special idea. After they had told the two participants something about the different fields of activity and business areas of ROSEN, they talked in particular about the focus of our most northern location in Germany: underwater robotics. Together, they considered the difficulties and challenges that can arise in this field and the advantages of an autonomous robot.

During a tour of the site, the two young talents were of course also allowed to take a look at the existing robots and twist a few screws on our ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle).

A treasure under water

After a lunch break with delicious pizza, the freshly prepared ROV was taken to the Weser River. The participants first familiarized themselves with the controls, drove up and down the dock a few times, and were allowed to dive down. Under water, they first examined a bollard and then went on a treasure hunt. The goal: to find a sunken bag of chocolate and bring it back to the surface with the robot's gripper of our ROV. Not an easy win. Finally, the two took part in a test with our larger AUV and got on a trip with a motorboat on the Weser. We hope that the day will remain in their memories for a long time to come.

On a discovery tour

Hopefully, the pupils who were guests at our site in Lingen (Ems) will also remember a lot. At 8 am, the children and young people from various schools in the region arrived at the Innovation Center. After a company presentation and a brief introduction to our various training opportunities, they started their discovery tour, divided into three groups with a total of six supervisors. In the course of the morning - including a hearty breakfast in the company restaurant ROFRESH – the young talents gained an insight into various occupational fields and the activities of our company.

Two of our trainees provided them with an understanding of metalworking professions such as 'cutting machine operator' or 'machine and plant operator' as well as the profession of 'electronics technician for devices and systems'. They explained the process and content of their apprenticeships to the children and demonstrated their daily tasks. They also presented their work areas.

Who will break a high score?

The participants also learned about the apprenticeships 'IT specialist for system integration' and 'IT specialist for application development'. For this purpose, the colleagues from the IT and software development departments had provided old hard drives. The boys and girls were allowed to disassemble and inspect them. At the same time, they had the opportunity to test our in-house developed game 'Pipe Inspector'. The aim is to inspect as many kilometers of pipeline as possible. The player has to find faults and avoid obstacles. Sounds simple, but it can be quite tricky, so ambition was quickly aroused. After all, there was a special prize for the best high score in each group.

The power of magnets

Another program item was the demonstration of a tool run. This involved a cleaning tool that was pumped through a Plexiglas pipe in a clearly visible manner. In addition, the girls and boys were able to examine various types of flaws in pipe sections. Afterwards, they were allowed to discover the power of a strong magnet (which is usually used on our tools) by pulling it over a steel plate on a rope. It looks simple at first, but requires a lot of strength.

Soldering exercises and lots of name tags

Of course, a visit to our ROCARE units also happened to be on the day's bucket list. Colleagues from our bilingual daycare center ROKIDS and our bilingual elementary school ROBIGS presented their professions as educators and teachers and answered the participants' questions. At ROYOUTH, our youth initiative, the students were then able to give free rein to their creativity. This year, they were able to use solder to design a plate featuring, for example, their own name, the name of their pet or their favorite soccer team. The entire ROYOUTH team supported them and gave our young talents a crash course in soldering.

After a wrap-up in the Innovation Center, the official program was over and the girls and boys were picked up by their parents or caregivers. They then had the opportunity to have lunch with the children and show them their workplaces.

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Girls´ and Boy`s Day 2022: 60 young people get to know the ROSEN Group in Bremen and Lingen (Ems).