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Dragon Boat Cup 2024
6/12/2024 |News

An adventure for the whole troop


In a nutshell:

  • 18th Lingen Dragon Boat Cup on the Dortmund-Ems Canal with 18 teams

  • ROSEN MatROSEN represented by a (safari) team

  • Third place in the category “Blitz-Drachen"

  • Many thanks to all colleagues who were on site on Saturday to cheer for us


Last Saturday, our tried and tested battle cry "Hey ho, let's go!" could be heard again on the Dortmund-Ems Canal. That's because our company sports group “Dragon Boat" once again took part in the Lingen Dragon Boat Cup this year as ROSEN MatROSEN. The team consisted of 22 paddlers plus helmsman and drummer or should we say wild animals and safari tour guides? In the evening, the ROSEN MatROSEN were happy about their trophy for the 3rd place in the group "Blitz-Drachen" and celebrated their success together.


Preparing for the safari


True to this year's motto "On safari with the ROSEN Group, an adventure for the whole troop", 22 colleagues from various departments came together on Saturday morning for our safari on the Dortmund-Ems Canal. Before the exciting races on the water, however, the final touches of the costumes were made. After all, elaborate group costumes are the trademark of our dragon boat team. Due to our motto "Safari", it was particularly animalistic. After our pavilion was intricately transformed into a safari tent camp, our jeep was filled up and the last animal costume details were straightened, our team first strengthened themselves with a joint breakfast.


Proving stamina and speed


The starting signal was not long in coming and our lions, zebras, elephants, giraffes, leopards, flamingos, tourists and tour guides showed their paddling skills, endurance and speed. After the boats were aligned at the starting line and the starting signal sounded, the Dragon Boat Cup 2024 had officially started for us. Under the steady beat rhythm of our flamingo and the attentive eye of our steering elephant, our colleagues put on exciting races. Our boat crossed the finish line first twice, but in the third race another team came out on top. With this, the ROSEN MatROSEN secured 3rd place in the category “Blitz-Drachen". For this, they were able to proudly receive a trophy for their performance at the final award ceremony.


Lots of fun and a great deal of team spirit


In the course of the day, all 18 participating teams had also voted for the best costume. Despite outstanding commitment and creative ideas, we were unfortunately not able to secure this prize for ourselves this year. Nevertheless, the creativity of our dragon boat team and the design of our pavilion attracted quite a bit of attention at the Dortmund-Ems Canal. And so we see ourselves as victors of hearts, after all, we had given our best throughout the day and no one had stayed dry. For us, the cup was characterized by a lot of fun and a large portion of team spirit. In the evening, we ended the day together and celebrated our success long after the event ended.

​We are very happy about the success and the great participation this year! Together we not only spent a great race day together, but also many fun training sessions that made us grow together as a team. Thank you very much for that! We are already looking forward to next year! A big thank you also goes to our colleagues who were at the Dortmund-Ems Canal to cheer on the team and kept their fingers crossed, as well as to our up-and-coming junior paddlers from ROKIDS, who provided the team with great decorations!​

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Successful ROSEN MatROSEN at the 18th Lingen Dragon Boat Cup.