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Best Prepared With Apprentice Workshop
1/9/2023 |News

„I Fell in Love With the CNC Milling Machines.“

In a nutshell:

  • New apprentice workshop set up in the Mechanic Manufacturing

  • Ideal conditions for apprentices in metalworking professions

  • In addition to practical training, the focus is also on theory

  • Two instructors who look after apprentices full time


Being part of something big and making a difference with apprenticeship: That's what German Bytschkov from Lingen has wanted for a long time. Hence, the 22-year-old decided to do an apprenticeship at our family-owned company ROSEN.


German has already been with ROSEN since August 2022. He is completing his apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator, specializing in milling. Previously, he attended the one-year vocational school for metal technology at the "BBS Lingen". This school year is credited to the three-and-a-half-year apprenticeship, which is why German was able to start the second year of his apprenticeship directly.


He particularly likes the in-house apprenticeship workshop, which we completely overhauled in the summer of 2022 and treated ourselves to a separate area in mechanical production. This is where apprentices in the machining, industrial and construction mechanics trades are trained, as well as machine and plant operators. In addition to the classic milling machines, lathes and drilling machines, there are 5-axis CNC milling centers and CNC lathes. Moreover, the apprenticeship workshop has its own training room and an area where the apprentices learn their manual skills at the workbench. "We train our young talents from the ground up in the best possible way and prepare them for their jobs at ROSEN after their apprenticeships," explains instructor Stephan Brauer. More than 50 CNC-controlled machining centers and more than 200 colleagues in Mechanic Manufacturing await them at the Lingen site.

Holistic and Practical


Holistic apprenticeship is important to the ROSEN Group. For example, we have offline programming stations specially acquired for training purposes, where the young machinists learn how to program the milling machines with practice programs. Practical simulations help to clarify the work on the product. "And this is also where things can go wrong without directly breaking anything," says instructor Brauer.


The trainees start with the machining of simple components and then increase their skills, also in terms of creative machining. As soon as they are confident in using the programs, they can put the skills they have learned into practice on machines specially provided for the apprenticeship workshop. Here, they primarily work on project components and pilot projects, which are then processed further in manufacturing.

All In From Day One


"I can already see a difference compared to my classmates at the vocational school. We have a lot of opportunities here at ROSEN and really good working conditions with our own apprenticeship workshop," reports German, "and we're not just trainees here, we're considered full employees from day one."


Stephan Brauer is also more than satisfied with his trainees. He has been with the company for 22 years and has been responsible for the apprenticeship workshop for metalworking and metal processing professions for ten years.


Together with another colleague, he teaches and supervises young people starting from the first year of apprenticeship, prepares school content with them and supports them in preparing for exams. The tasks range from initial, simple basic principles to complex programming tasks.

Training For Our Own Needs


And what happens after the apprenticeship? "It's quite clear: We train here at ROSEN for our own needs," says Dieter Kuper (Head of Overall Manufacturing), "Trainees have very good chances of being taken on later." German wants to make a special effort in his apprenticeship as well. "I fell in love with the CNC milling machines here," he laughs. "We have options and machines available to us that don't exist like this in other companies. It would be great if I could continue to use these prerequisites after my apprenticeship."


The 22-year-old is already looking forward to many new colleagues who are interested in apprenticeship in an innovative company with the latest machines, technologies and machining options. Because the Mechanic Manufacturing of the ROSEN Group in Lingen will continue to grow in the future—by more than 15 trainees each year in this area alone.

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