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Award Received
3/9/2023 |News

Award received as "Digitaler Ort Niedersachsen"

In Kürze:

  • ROSEN honored as „Digitaler Ort Niedersachsen"

  • Making commitment to the success of digitalization in Lower Saxony visible

  • Positive signal to internal and external

  • Driver of important and current topics such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


You can do digital? Then apply. That's what the website of the Digital Agency Lower Saxony says. What should you apply for? To the "Digitale Orte Niedersachsen" award which stands for: "A large number of different initiatives contribute to the success of digitalization in Lower Saxony on a daily basis. To bring this extraordinary commitment of the initiatives more into focus, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Transport, Building and Digitalization has launched the Digitale Orte Niedersachsen' award in 2019." (Digital Agency Lower Saxony) The award is given to initiatives, projects and institutions whose commitment in the context of digitalization particularly stands out and which are thus actively shaping the digital transformation in Lower Saxony. And that includes us.

"ROSEN stands for great technological diversity," Matthias, Head of IC Resourcing, summarizes the reason for the application. "And we want to make this visible with this award – beyond our company boundaries. What makes us stand out as a leading company is that we link digitalization with other important trend topics such as hydrogen. In this way, we continue to drive forward digitalization and everything that goes with it. We are proud to show this in the region and thus actively contribute to the regional digital trend." With such awards, many topics of conversation are further stimulated. "This gives us the opportunity to maintain and further expand our network," says Matthias. But the award is not only a signal to external parties, but also to us: "We accepted the award on behalf of all our colleagues who make us a digital place in Lower Saxony every day. And that makes us proud and grateful."

But awards for the sake of awards are of course not enough for us: "The further developments in these areas will have a major impact on many of our business processes in the future and are therefore all the more important," Benjamin, Head of Artificial Intelligence Platform, emphasizes the significance. "We are drivers for important and current topics such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and are actively involved in their further development. That's why it's absolutely important that we also demonstrate our focus on these topics to the public in the region."

Matthias is convinced that another message will also be clear: "We show as 'Digitaler Ort Niedersachen' that we are an attractive and innovative employer. This way we make clear how many exciting topics we have to offer and also make visible the professional diversity that makes up ROSEN." Mareike, Recruiting Specialist, also knows what a positive external effect such awards have. "ROSEN positions itself much more prominently as an employer in the IT and software sector. That's important, because many people don't even know how big these areas are with us and how many opportunities we offer. 

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