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40 Years Ahead
6/21/2022 |News

Once Upon a Time Above the Garage

It's 10 am, the starting signal of the ROSEN Family Day 2022 – our celebration of the 40th company anniversary. The first tickets are scanned, the barriers open and laughing loudly, a few children run off excitedly. In a large crowd of people, ROSEN employees together with their families, friends or partners move across the parking lot of the Innovation Center and from the Factory guardhouse to the event area, which gradually fills with life. Around 4,000 visitors will be there today to celebrate together.

The Look of the Moderator

Many "Moin", "Long time no see" and "Glad you're here too" later, the large square in front of the main stage gradually fills up. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the speech by our company president. The surprise is even bigger when not Hermann Rosen but the presenter Yared Dibaba, known from the NDR, appears on stage. He talks about the North German mentality, his home in Ganderkesee and finally makes a detour into the middle of the audience. There, with casual conversation, he not only provides many laughs, but also evasive looks. "It's like in school back then, when you wanted to avoid the teacher's glances," whispers a colleague with a laugh. As Yared makes his way back toward the stage, the relief in the crowd is clear; coupled with a grin that has by now secured a permanent place on almost everyone's face. Not only a grin, but also some goose bumps, brings the subsequent singing in canon. Divided by the moderator into three groups, it resounds loudly over the entire place. Hundreds sing: "That's the way" – "Aha, Aha" – "I like it!"

The Office Above the Garage

Thunderous applause, whistles and cheers can be heard when Hermann Rosen finally enters the stage. After a short 'Schnack auf Platt' with Yared Dibaba, he begins his official opening speech. Accompanied by some Power Point slides, he looks back to the beginnings in the 70s, the small engineering office above the garage, the birth of the ROSEN Group in 1981 in the first office 'Am Windmühlenberg' and many adventures that followed since then. He talks not only about the successes, but also the challenges the company had to face and what always drove him. An outlook on the future business areas and a heartfelt thank you for the commitment of each employee round off the speech.

Experience History

Anyone who wants to truly 'experience' the tales from 40 years of the company's history will find what they are looking for today at an exhibition in the Test Center Hall. While colleagues in front of the building report on the opportunities on our test field and the young emerging talents from the 'Ignition Racing Team electric' present their freshly developed race cars, the literal entrance through the famous garage offers the opportunity to embark on a journey through time. Under the title 'Experience 40 Years Ahead', visitors walk through the last decades – from the beginnings with pig gestation meters, via the breakthrough of EMAT technology, to the future, in which hydrogen and wind energy, for example, will play a central role for the ROSEN Group. Divided according to the different decades, accompanied by slightly mystical and booming sounds as well as interviews with contemporary witnesses and exhibits, the time tunnel gives a lasting impression and takes the visitors into another world – or rather: into another time.

A Buzz of Voices and Lots of Ice

Out of the time tunnel, heading back towards the main square. Meanwhile it is almost 30 degrees, the sun is blazing and the eyes are only slowly getting used to the glaring light. Looking toward the Food Corner, rows of seats, high tables and a seemingly endless row of pagoda tents line up between pump test installations and lines for pull tests. A wide variety of delicacies are hidden behind stacked Euro pallets. The smell of mini pancakes, Asian noodles, mushrooms and grilled sausages is in the air, and in the sweltering midday heat, the rush for cool drinks is on. Amid laughter and a constant buzz of voices, the words of a young boy ring out, "Daddy, look what I got!" He gleefully sits down between his parents and starts eating a large ice cream sundae.

High-tech, Caricatures and a 'Bimmelbahn'

Freshly fortified, the tour continues in the direction of the Factory. This is where high-tech enthusiasts get what they want! Through the CNC area past fully automated line manufacturing, amazement in the new Logistics Center, a look through the windows of Sensor and Electronics Manufacturing and the latest inspection equipment at Assembly – the tour through the Factory provides a good insight into the manufacturing competencies and business areas of ROSEN. In the Factory courtyard, on the other hand, you can take a look at yourself – or have someone take a look at you. Here, two caricaturists paint one picture after the other. Those who don't want to wait quite long for a portrait of themselves will find a nostalgic van twenty meters further on, converted into a photo box.

With caricature and photo printout in the luggage it goes back in the direction of Innovation Center, however this time not on foot, but comfortably with the 'Bimmelbahn'. With every meter across the canal, it becomes clear that the main stage is full of entertainment. Alternately, a band and a DJ provide musical entertainment here and Yared Dibaba with a stage program and as a 'roving reporter' on the event site ensures many laughs.

Happy Shrieks on the Bouncy Castle

Loud laughter, or rather happy shrieks, can also be heard from the Kids Area in front of the Innovation Center. Here, the little ones can have fun on bouncy castles, take on the 'stacking boxes' challenge or make a balloon animal. The smell of cotton candy and popcorn fills the air. While a little girl with a freshly painted face chases a giant soap bubble, her older sister crafts a dachshund at the ROYOUTH station. When suddenly loud trumpets and drums of a marching band sound, the children's eyes grow wide. A group of red-uniformed men and women finally comes to a stop in front of the Innovation Center.

Looking Into the Crystal Ball

In the Innovation Center, visitors can take a look into the crystal ball. 'Future Starts Here' is the motto of the exhibitions in the Research and Development Center. Colleagues from a wide range of specialist areas talk about solutions for offshore wind farms, the inspection of water pipes, autonomous underwater vehicles and hydrogen at elaborately prepared stands. In addition, a digital 360-degree facility tour provides an overview of the entire company premises.

A refreshing hiss can be heard from the HR booth. Here, visitors can not only find out about a career at ROSEN and try out Job Memory, but also sample the new ROSEN iced tea (or: ROTea) in four different flavors. "Done! I've cracked the high score!" exclaims an excited voice coming from the cozy sofa corner. A young woman proudly accepts a ROSEN mug as a prize for a new high score in the 'Pipe Inspector' game programmed in house. Together with her family she proceeds. Her gaze immediately lingers on the next station. Here it is called: Deep Dive! Literally. With the help of a special chair and VR goggles, a young person is going on a virtual dive at this moment.

Balloons in the Evening Sun

It is 6 pm. The site is emptying. Employees, their partners, parents, children, relatives, neighbors and friends slowly make their way towards the exit. In the light of the evening sun, silver ROSEN balloons flash everywhere, bouncing happily up and down on strollers or wrists. Exhausted and with a slight sunburn, but happy, satisfied and with many impressions in her luggage, a colleague says to her family: "Wonderful! It was really good to finally see so many colleagues again after a long time and just enjoy the day together joyfully and freely."


Many thanks to the entire organization team, the many service providers, and the numerous colleagues from a wide range of departments who helped shape this event! Your extraordinary commitment made this day what it was: a complete success for all of us. Thank you for your commitment!

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